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Quality and efficiency, technological innovation, service in the future

In May 25, 2014 by the Hebei Xinhua high voltage electric Limited by Share Ltd to undertake the "quality and efficiency, technological innovation, service in the future"seminar held in Beijing, from all over the country's entrepreneurs to discuss enterpriseinnovation development road.
Research, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee, former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information Li Yizhong said: "the technological transformation is the strategic orientation, is not a matter of expediency, Western century old plant manythanks to technical innovation." In this regard, by virtue of "rubber mounted discsuspension polymer insulator" and "insulation composition, application of the insulating material, an umbrella cover and insulator and preparation method of the invention of"two projects, in the Geneva International Invention Fair won a gold medal, a silver medalin Hebei Xinhua high voltage electrical Limited by Share Ltd chairman and remembrancehas deep feeling: "these two projects is through science and technology, six yearsinvested enormous human, material resources to achieve, because we also feel only to master the core technology, can let the enterprise have the considerable developmentpotential."   
Hebei Xinhua high voltage electrical Limited by Share Ltd chairman and Mr. Les Invalides in accepting science and Technology Daily reporter the interview said: "for our enterprises, the fundamental way out lies in innovation, and innovation is the key to rely on the power of science and technology." With the economy downward pressureincrease, a slowdown in economic growth, a considerable number of enterprises in our country are facing transformation and upgrading of the challenge, and the transformation and upgrading of the core is to do a good job of science and technology innovation.